The oil painting by William Scott was selected for this post by British artist May van Millingen. Rather than photographing the finished dish, May created an illustration of a recipe by Jamie Oliver (pictured below) of mackerel with mixed tomato salad. Her illustrations have been commissioned by many leading brands and more of her work can be viewed on her website here.


William Scott, Mackerel, 1947
oil on canvas, 52 x 76cm, National Galleries of Scotland

William Scott’s Mackerel was composed during a period in which the artist was concerned with the form and shape of objects in themselves rather than their spatial relationship to one another. The viewer is given an almost birds-eye vantage point over the fish and the eggs. The eggs were common motifs prevalent in his paintings and the work exemplifies his aesthetic style.

Mackerel_May van Millingen copy

{Mackerel with Mixed Tomato Salad}

Original recipe from Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals. Click here for the recipe.