Andy Warhol, Poinsettias, circa 1983
synthetic polymer and silkscreen inks on canvas,  35.5 x 28cm, Private collection

In the early 1980’s, Andy Warhol created a number of Poinsettia paintings and screen prints to give as gifts to his friends. The ubiquitous Christmas flower became associated with the holiday in Mexico in the 16th century. As instructed by an Angel, a young girl who couldn’t afford a gift, gathered up some weeds to place at a church alter. From the weeds sprouted the star shaped poinsettias that are said to resemble the Star of Bethlehem. In the spirit of poinsettia gift giving, I made this cocktail for loved ones this Christmas and the recipe is my gift to say thank you for being loyal readers and followers of this blog. Merry Christmas.

{Poinsettia Cocktail}

Adapted from Nigella Christmas
Yield: 8-9 glasses

750 ml bottle dry fizzy white wine
1/2 cup orange liqueur
2 cups cranberry juice

Chill the ingredients. Carefully mix in a large pitcher and serve in a wine glass or champagne flute. Alternatively, serve in a punch bowl with a fruit-filled ice ring to keep the cocktail cold.