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Miku Sato - River Water Miso Soup

Miku Sato – River Water Miso Soup

Miku Sato, Soup: Japan and Taiwan Version 2014 single channel HD video – 6:45mins, edition of 8 + AP   Currently screening in Kitchen-Studio at MAY SPACE is Miku Sato’s film Soup: Japan and Taiwan Version. This is the second film in her Soup series that first began in 2011 in Seoul, South Korea. In...
'Kitchen-Studio' at MAY SPACE, Sydney

‘Kitchen-Studio’ at MAY SPACE, Sydney

Kitchen-Studio | 10 October to 4 November 2017 | MAY SPACE, Sydney The artists in this exhibition take the space of the kitchen as the site of their performative artwork. The films echo the artwork of Feminist artists of the 1970s who utilised women’s work to challenge traditional ideas of domesticity. Utilising household gestures of...
Food Artists on Social Media

Food Artists on Social Media

Social media has become a useful tool for artists to share new work, current projects, and upcoming exhibitions. This page serves as a space to collate and collect the accounts of artists working within the niche of food/art as a tool for research and reference. The first part of this list is divided into artists...