Miku Sato, Soup: Japan and Taiwan Version 2014
single channel HD video – 6:45mins, edition of 8 + AP


Currently screening in Kitchen-Studio at MAY SPACE is Miku Sato’s film Soup: Japan and Taiwan Version. This is the second film in her Soup series that first began in 2011 in Seoul, South Korea. In this work, Sato cooks miso soup with water collected from the Ooka River in Yokohama where she lives. Sato is pictured alongside her Taiwanese collaborator who prepares tomato and egg soup using water from the Gongsitian River in Taipei. The film follows both performers as they collect the river water, prepare the soups and consume the food. The film bridges the public and private realms, re-positioning the domestic act of cooking as a public performance.

For Sato, soup is an important medium because of the ubiquitous of the dish in most cultures. In her artist statement she writes, “In this project, the soup appears as an identity of each culture. I think almost all cultures have soup. In France, soup is the first course and in Taiwan soup is the last dish. In Japan, we typically drink miso soup everyday.”

Kitchen-Studio runs until 4 November 2017 at MAY SPACE, Sydney.


[River Water Miso Soup]

Recipe by Miku Sato


river water
miso paste
dashi powder (Japanese soup stock)
white radish
wakame (kind of seaweed)

1. Boil the river water
2. Cut tofu and wakame to bite size
3. Add dashi powder and the cut tofu and wakame to the boiled river water
4. Boil the ingredients for 2 min
5. Turn off fire
6. Add and melt miso paste

Before eating, warm it up.