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Elizabeth Willing - Pfeffernüsse

Elizabeth Willing – Pfeffernüsse

One of the focal points in Sugar, Sugar at Brenda May Gallery is the installation Goosebump, the 7-metre wall covered with over 300 pfeffernüsse biscuits. It took the Brisbane-based artist Elizabeth Willing over a day and a half to create the entire installation and visitors were invited to bite the cookies from the wall starting...
'Sugar, Sugar' at Brenda May Gallery

‘Sugar, Sugar’ at Brenda May Gallery

Using the beguiling substance of sugar as their medium, the ten artists of Sugar, Sugar at Brenda May Gallery in Sydney, engage notions of permanence given the transient nature of the material. With Shelley Miller’s Velocity exposed to all the elements, and slowly disintegrating, on the 2 Danks Street façade and Elizabeth Willing’s Goosebump being...