Only one more week until we install Sugar, Sugar at Brenda May Gallery! The work has started to arrive at the Gallery and I am incredibly proud of this exhibition, all of the artists are outstanding. The artwork below is one of the pieces included in the show and I was a bit more literal than usual with the inspired recipe. Because Nguyen used an actual teaspoon and sugar cube in her sculpture, it seemed only appropriate to make some sweet tea.


Mylyn Nguyen, We must find Yeti, he will know what to do, 2013
hand-carved sugar cubes, found spoon, 2.5 x 13 x 3cm, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

Mylyn Nguyen is a Sydney-based artist whose work is often autobiographical referencing her childhood and the memories associated with that period of her life. Typically working on a very small scale, she incorporates a wide array of materials from intricate paper sculptures painted with watercolour to fibre, glass and found objects. Nguyen is represented by Brenda May Gallery where she continually exhibits her work in solo and curated group exhibitions. In addition to the sugar-cube scupture, she created a selection of characers out of fairy floss for Sugar, Sugar. Mylyn Nguyen’s We must find Yeti, he will know what to do can be viewed at Brenda May Gallery starting on Tuesday 1 October as part of the curated exhibition Sugar, Sugar.


{Sweet Tea}

Yield: 1 serving

60ml boiling water
1 tea bag
4 teaspoons white sugar
180ml cold water
lemon slice

In a tall glass, pour in the boiling water and add the tea bag. Allow to steep for 15 minutes.

Remove the tea bag and discard. Add the sugar and continue to stir until dissolved. Poor in the cold water and refrigerate for 1 hour before drinking. Serve with a lemon slice.