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Exhibition Interview - 'What’s Cooking Uncle Sam' at The National Archives

Exhibition Interview – ‘What’s Cooking Uncle Sam’ at The National Archives

‘What’s Cooking Uncle Sam‘ is the newest exhibition on view at the National Archives in Washington DC. It is a show that traces the government’s role in both food production and consumption of the Unites States. The exhibition features a collection of office stationery ranging from posters and pamphlets to product labels and photographs of...
Ken + Julia Yonetani - Preserved Lemons

Ken + Julia Yonetani – Preserved Lemons

The name ‘still life’, when referring to the genre, was derived from the French nature morte, which literally translates to dead nature. The irony is not lost that a still life, depicting the nourishing foods that maintain life, is cast in a substance that simultaneously preserves food and prevents growth – thus embodying both life...